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Twenty eight days, six hours, forty two minutes & twelve seconds. That is when the world will end.

I was at a bit of a loose end today and decided to watch Donnie Darko again… I hadn’t watched since it first came out and I’d forgotten what an excellent film it is. What I hadn’t realised (although its obvious when you think about it) is that a whole subculture has developed devoted to the film’s meaning. Writer/ director Richard Kelly’s twisting story of time travel and tangent universes is still very intriguing. The answers are all over the net (try Wikipeadia as a first stop) so I won’t go into all that, but what interests me is the original film site.


Created by a comany called Hi-ReS, the site is still up and running, counting on the days since the Tangent Universe collapsed (3195, 16 hours and some minutes when I looked today). The site is beautifully constructed. The music fades in and the coolness & weirdness of the film is captured in the angular graphics. Clicking strange flashing red points gives you hints and takes you deeper into the site where all will be revealed….

I have no idea who keeps this wonderful thing going after all these years, it’s truly an amazing thing, I almost wonder if its become self supporting somehow? If you get lost or stuck there are no end of helpful sites that explain in endless detail what to do when.. Sadly though it appears from various forums that the links within the site to Roberta Sparrow’s “Philosophy of Time” book no longer work.. so here it is in another form just in case you need to know what it was all about…


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