Blue Pelicans

It’s always a relief when you find out that you’re not alone and something you keep quiet about for fear of ridicule, others shout out very loud from the top of the internet.

I’m talking about collecting and in this case paperback books. I have about 100 pelican books and a similar number of Penguins, Ptarmigans and Puffins of which I am secretly proud.

Whilst I know I am sad, I am not sad enough (yet) to scan in all the covers of my books, so heres a few I did just for this post. People who don’t worry about such stuff can follow the links below to people far more confident than I and who are quite rightly interetsed in not only in owning more than one, or having to have a complete set of something, but who genuienly appreciate these books for what they are: british graphic design at its very best.

This site makes me very very happy –

groups of like minded fans on flickr –

“Things” magazine’s Pelican Collection –

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