Tiny Japanese House

Daily Icon sent me this amazing house today…..

“House in Minaminaci 3 is a residence for a couple with 2 children. It stands at a place where an old shopping street and houses are still kept. The site area of the dwelling is only 55 sqm, and has a square form. Houses in the local area sit close to each other, a condition which makes it quite difficult to make the residence both private and open to the outside.

The unique design of the house creates a relationship between the building and its exterior elements as the house, which has a footprint of only 29sqm, stands at an angle to the exterior walls and site. Through the gap between the walls and the inside construction, sunlight filters down creating reflections between the two structures.

Impressive how much space can be wrung out of a small site when your culture is geared up for it. Beautiful though it is though, I’m not sure I could live there, where would all my stuff go?

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