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Daydreaming with…. James Lavelle

Yesterday afternoon we went to a part of London we haven’t been to before, the streets behind the Royal Academy, where the Haunch of Venison Gallery has made its new home. We’ve been fans of James Lavelle for many years and were looking forward to seeing this “pop-up” exhibition curated by the man himself, and featuring works inspired by his music.

The work on show was in my opinion, generally very good. Special mention should go to the films of Jonathon Glazer and Oswaldo Macia. Both had as their “stars” shiny dancers (spinning disorientatingly in Jonathon’s film and rotating impressively in Oswaldo’s) whose movements were beautifully choreographed and captured to great effect.

Ian Monroe’s work was also very strong, with his trademark architectural aluminium and vinyl constructions easily holding their own within this very eclectic collection..

Perhaps the main draw for me though was a chance to see some original work by 3D/Robert del Naga and Futura. Neither disappointed, with 3D’s work benefiting from being seen at full size, and Futura’s Pointmen still looking fresh after at least 10 years of familiarity. Sadly photography was not allowed anywhere within the gallery, so these images are illustrative only.

Shame it was only on for 3 days….. People I know who were away for the Bank Holiday weekend were gutted they wouldn’t be able to make it.

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