FAT Olympics in Croydon…

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I haven’t thought about or been to Croydon since I had to go there on a weekly basis as project architect on a large estate regeneration project back in the mid 90’s.

Over the last two days however it’s popped up twice in my consciousness:

Firstly the new extension to the Carnegie Library by FAT. I was at college with Sean Griffiths, one of the founding partners, a cheeky scouser who liked to take on big subjects and talk his way through them. The JG Ballard novel Crash formed a key part of one of his final projects I remember.

I’ve never been a fan of FAT’s penchant for whimsy and outright pomo stylings, but this appears to me to be a more contemporary approach, and whilst there are still odd elements (such as the large letters and the seemingly unnecessary angle bracket) the whole seems to work very well. I’ll have to go and visit and find out what it looks like at the back….

Secondly I read that Sutton library has an exhibition of Olympic posters that we’ll certainly be making the effort to see before it finishes at the end of October.

So nothing from Croydon for 15 years then two reasons to go at once…. Marvellous

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