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Bears @ Tent London & Space Invaders

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We went to Tent London yesterday afternoon over in Brick Lane. Overall a pretty good show, but for me there were a few too many strangely shaped and twisted objects which had so obviously been manipulated in digital space until visually satisfying, and then banged out via a  3D printer or laser cutter…. all Ok but a bit shallow with not much in the way of (human) Craft……

A notable exception were the beautiful wooden animals and robots by David Weeks. I especially liked Ursa the Bear.


Anyway we stopped for a drink with some friends and I noticed (not for the first time) the huge tiled Space Invader opposite the main open space at Turmans Brewery. It reminded us of the Rubiks Cube works that Mr. Invader started doing a few years back.


These wonderfully simple works are created by reducing an image to six colours, dividing it up into lots of squares, scaling it up so that its legible and then buying enough Rubiks Cubes to create the pattern. Brilliantly simple and amazingly effective…

In fact there is one of Battersea Power Station in the Mason Arms opposite where I’m currently working in Battersea Park Road. I’m pretty sure its not by Space Invader, but it does look pretty good close up, nonetheless.

I used to work in Smithfield and there were a number of his small mosaic invaders dotted around that always caught the eye. My kind of street art: simple, clever, well executed and universal….

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