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Whilst writing the previous post on animators Halas and Batchelor, I was reminded of a trip to Prague a couple of years ago.

I was visiting this beautiful city as part of an Urban Design course, but as soon as I noticed that in amongst the general tourist tat, there were little stuffed toys of a cartoon character that I hadn’t thought about for many, many years, but that I instantly recognised from my childhood, all thoughts of Urban Design were put on hold…..

Mole (or Krtek in Czech) was the star of an animated series of short films from the 1960′ s and 70’s by acclaimed Czech animator Zdenek Milar. Milar was originally commissioned to make educational films in the late 1950’s and needing a vehicle for the films, admits that he took inspiration from Mickey Mouse – a small, simply drawn, mostly black animal with four fingers, that would appeal to children.

As a little boy, I loved everything about Mole, from his strange laughing and the nonsense language he spoke with his woodland friends, to the fact that his mole hill always had a perfectly flat top. The final frame of each episode said “Konec” which at six years old, I proudly knew was Czech for The End…

There are many Mole films on YouTube, but I have chosen this one as I am 99% certain I can actually remember it… Mole falling into a tin of red paint and then painting his friends who then all scare off the fox and head off to paint the forest in bright stripey colours before the rain washes them all clean. These are images that have been stuck somewhere in my subconscious all these years.

The fact that this clip appears to be from a Middle Eastern source, only reinforces how universal Little Mole was…


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    Outstanding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!

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