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2010: A year to remember

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well it’s been an interesting year and no mistake. We started it in Australia on the Great Ocean Road and we’re finishing it at home in good old London.

In no particular order, here are twelve things that stand out for me: 9 good, 2 disappointing and 1 bad…


1. Being 2 meters away from wild Orang Utans in Sumatra, Indonesia

2. Almost everything about Laos, but especially Luang Prabang and learning to be Mahoots (elephant riders) for a day

3. Hong Kong: big, busy, exciting and I wish we could have stayed longer.

4. My lovely girlfriend, without whom, none of this would mean anything

5. A weekend spent in Krakow, Southern Poland at a friend’s wedding

6. Starting this blog as something to keep my mind occupied whilst unemployed, but soon realising how much I enjoy writing it up every couple of days

7. The Big Chill – our eighth visit to this wonderous weekend in the country

8. Working for an old friend of mine and realising that small companies are so much more enjoyable than big ones

9. John Digweed at Fabric last week. Truly an awesome experience (more than making up for the huge disappointment that was Bedrock 12 at Brixton)


10. Having our bikes stolen from outside our flat: I loved that Trek. (The replacement Specialized is pretty good though I have to admit)

11. Kruder & Dorfmeister @ the Roundhouse – no idea why it didn’t work for me, as their similar set at the Big Chill was a real highlight. It all just seemed a bit too Karaoke in Camden (those two novelty rapper idiots didn’t help, rhyming “K&D” with the Beatles “Let it Be” was aways going to be a sh*t idea)


12. Not realising that after 9 months travelling, our final flight home from Shanghai had been moved forward by two hours – resulting in a VERY stressful time at the airport trying to arrange an alternative (and ultimately very expensive) way home. Not the way to end a long trip.

Look forward to telling you about more stuff I like next year…

Joe Bloggs

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