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Man at C&A… (&R&H&A&R&T&T)

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I realise that today I’m unintentionally wearing clothes almost entirely from one label: trousers, belt, long sleeved t-shirt, hooded top and coat all branded with a big friendly C

It’s almost certainly not the first time that this has happened either, as my (admittedly rather limited) wardrobe is chock full of Carhartt stuff.

I like Carhartt for its no nonsense, utilitarian style. They make cool clothes which seem to be neither in, nor out of fashion and don’t really vary much from one year to the next. And their stuff seems to last for ages as well, which is especially good for someone like me who isn’t very keen on clothes shopping. So it makes me very happy to know that when my jeans eventually wear out, and I have to get some more, I know I can go to Earlham Street and get a new pair, exactly the same….

Long may they continue to keep making the same stuff…

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