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Fabric CD’s

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Ever since we signed up for the very first Fabric CD release back in 2001,  we have looked forward to our monthly delivery of new music.

Some of it has been excellent, and some of it I have to admit, doesn’t really do it for us, but having last week received CD number 110 (a stunning D&B mix from DJ Marky) I thought I would use the opportunity to take stock of what can only be described as a monumental “physical” achievement in this digital music buying age.

The releases are divided into two strands: Fabric (representing a Saturday night at the club) and Fabriclive (representing Friday nights). Craig Richards (Fabric) and James Lavelle (Live) started the whole thing off and the two strands have alternated releases each month ever since.

The diversity of styles, sounds and artists that have contributed to these 110 releases over the last 10 years or so is truly impressive. I won’t go into all the details, but a full catalogue is here if you’re interested.

Another striking aspect of the CD’s is that of the covers. Much like Vaughan Oliver at 4AD, there has obviously been a wholistic approach to the cd sleeves with the designs being in short runs (6 covers initially but latterly 3) by differing designers. These designs are not representative of the artist or music within, but suggest a broader interest in design generally and add up to an impressive series of images when spread out on your living room floor…

I would like to say that we have every single release but we are actually one short: Fabriclive 53 Drop the Lime, which was never delivered to us. It’s release got caught up in the whole Matter collapse/ Fabric nearly closing nightmare last year, and this post has reminded me that I need to go and buy it separately. Worryingly I couldn’t find Fabriclive 37 (Caspar & Rusko) for the photoshoot… no idea where that’s got to.

Another sad fact is that me & A actually have doubles of the first 30 or so releases as we weren’t living together when we first started subscribing and wanted one each…

For the record, my all time faves of the series include John Digweed (F20), Steve Bug (F37), Wiggle (F28), LTJ Bukem (Fl46), Jaques Lu Cont (Fl09), Swayzac (F11) Ralph Lawson (F33), Surgeon (F53) and David Rodigan (Fl54)

No idea how long they can keep the monthly issues up, but we’ve come this far and rest assured, we will be subscribers until the end.

So a huge thanks to the Fabric Label for widening our musical horizons and enriching our CD collection over the last 10 years, long may they continue.

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