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An intriguing aquaintance of mine who occupies a shady and uncertain area of the built environment, and who has been introduced to me as either “Tim” or “THEDadAGENCY”, has started posting these helpful and informative videos in which various aspects of domestic surveillance, electronic security and other related ephemera are conceived, developed, tested and recorded.

Some of these aspects (or more correctly “agents”) are not always succesful. Prototype 3 (DadAGENT R755563 shown to the left) is described as “hopelessly unpredictable, being made from an unruly and reluctant gathering of novelty gadgets and other electronics”

This does not appear to deter THEDadAGENCY in any way however and the seriousness and tenacity of his pursuit of solutions and answers to his wide range of interests, is admirable. One good example is his approach to setting up a retirement resort which appears to be on a much firmer footing, with lighting and audio devices being entwined with hedge sector vegetation to great effect.

I shall be keeping an eye on his progress, as I have a feeling that THEDadAGENCY through a combination of intelligence, wit and humor will triumph in whatever it is that he sets his mind to.

As he says himself  “With the help of THEDadAGENCY, time at home, is time to relax between adventures…”

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