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Two very different (but connected) logos

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have come across a couple of notable new logos recently.

Firstly the new emblem for the Queens Diamond jubilee which was announced yesterday. The overall winner of a Blue Peter competition, this charmingly naive design was submitted by 10 year old Katherine Dewar from Chester and was chosen from over 35,000 entries.

The other logo is this one for the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, (unveiled just over a year ago, but missed by me as we were in S. America) which is elegant, simple and clever and shows our own London 2012 effort up for what it is, a jarring, unsatisfactory mess of a thing, that does nothing to reflect Olympic aspirations.

At first glance, the difference between these two designs couldn’t be greater. The Jubilee emblem is full of childlike enthusiasm and imperfections, whilst the Sochi one is very considered and accurate. Both designs however are very effective in a similar way: they both perfectly capture the spirit of what they represent.

Katherine’s design is all full of bright colours, pagentry and big diamonds and her decision to place the crown on top of the flag is very smart, creating spaces for the numbers 6 & 0 (in case people didn’t realise what diamond meant).

The Sochi design (developed by Interbrand) also represents its event wonderfully: cold winter climates and phenomenally accurate timings and measurements. Personally I also think that the interplay between the word Sochi and the 2014 is very, very clever: the “s” mirrored to make the “2” and the “hi” rotated to create the “14”. Brilliant. I’m also impressed with the inclusion of the website/ .ru element into the design. The outlined letters very nicely reflect the five rings below and balance the whole ensemble perfectly.

So, two very different but equally effective logos, congratulations to all concerned. It’s a shame we didn’t approach them to design ours.

I was going to put the 2012 logo up here to remind us all how completely rubbish it is, but I can’t bring myself to soil these pages with its mediocrity…. so its here if you need a look (and PLEASE don’t start me on that hideous italic font… now that really does make me angry)

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