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Last Thursday evening I went with my good mate Wong to the Barfly in Camden to indulge in some big noise. Headlining were the excellent Leicester band Maybeshewill and support came from a German band going by the name Long Distance Calling (who absolutely stole the show, truly an outstanding performance)

These bands are purveyors of what is generally classified as Postrock, but which I think is a much more distinct genre of its own, perhaps better described as Instrumental Metal (hence the rather clumsy title of the post).

Whilst it certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, if you like a massive, relentless sound, with all the excitement of tightly played metal guitars and double kick drums, then this is could be for you. It also has two HUGE added bonuses over your standard metal stuff in that you don’t have to listen to inane and clichéd lyrics about god, death and the coming darkness all sung in a ridiculously low devil voice, and secondly most of these bands use computers and sequencers, so there are samples and bleeps and wonderful washes of sound in counterpoint to the overall noise.

There are many bands making this music, lots of which is on Spotify. Check out any of the following for something that could never be described as “background music”….

Long Distance Calling – Long Distance Calling (try Invisible Giants)

Maybeshewill – Not For Want Of Trying (try Seraphim & Cherubim)

65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway (try Tiger Girl)

God Is An Astronaut – Age Of The Fifth Sun

Collapse Under The Empire – Find A Place To Be Safe

As an aside, the title track from Maybeshewill’s album Not for want of Trying, uses a familiar sample that I’ve previuosly written about,

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