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A Play on the A…. Adobe Creative Juices Competition

I have just uploaded my entry for the current Adobe competition to design a logo for a new product of theirs called Creative Juices. Entries have to be submitted via Facebook and can be found here.. (you will probably have to log in to Facebook to see them)

This is my effort though…..

Thinking about it on the tube coming home this evening, I was quite pleased when I struck upon the simple idea of adapting the familiar A of the Adobe logo to create a C and a J and then suggesting a palette of strong primary colours to move the logo away from the recognisable red of Adobe, creating something familiar but at the same time fresh. I’ve included some possible variations to the logo which might include outlines or no outlines and coloured backgrounds. Not bad for two hours work eh?

If I’m honest with myself though, I suspect they might be looking for a more independent, stand alone kind of logo for the product, rather than one that reflects their company image.

Still, all entries will be posted on the Facebook page and the general public then get to vote for their favourites, whittling it down to 30 finalists, from which Adobe will choose a winner.

So you never know, I might be in with a chance, especially if everyone who reads this post votes for me…

PS. The competition doesn’t close till 5pm Monday 21st March, so why not have a go yourself?

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