Rough Fields

It’s always exciting when you discover that people you know for one thing, are also very adept at other things. Take my friends Jim and Sarah for example….

By day they are a record company director and a translator respectively, but by night (and probably at weekends too) they take on different guises.

I’ve known Jim for about 6 years or so, and he’s always been a dedicated muso, with a number of electronica based tracks under his belt. Recently though, under his Rough Fields moniker, he seems to be mining a very rich seam of sound indeed.

A previous release “Manilla” can be found on his website (link above) and his beautifully lush new track “Watery Fable”, constructed as he describes it from “found sound, rescued instruments and electronics” is embedded below. Apparently the songs were recorded “indoors and outdoors, usually during the night, sometimes drunk, sometimes less drunk” …

Marvellous, so if you have a moment, give your ears a treat…..

The accompanying photos by the way were all taken by Jim’s lovely wife Sarah, who I had no idea was a budding photographer…

All very impressive and I wish both of them all the best in all their endeavours… Looking forward to that lovely gatefold sleeve Long Player Jim, with lots of space for all of Sarah’s artwork..

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