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Olympic Tickets (a distinct lack of…)

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Something on which to write only my second ever “Things I DON’T like” post.

Since it was first announced that we had won the 2012 bid, I have been quite excited by the prospect of having the Olympics in my own country, in my own lifetime and I am definitely looking forward to visiting the new Olympic Park when its finished.

I have always seen it as a good thing for both London and the UK as a whole; the regeneration aspects for the Stratford area, the shiny new architecture, the worldwide kudos of staging what I hope and believe will be a successful games etc.

So I must admit that I’m very, very disappointed at not being allocated any of the 6 tickets we  applied for.

We’d been strategic (or so I thought) by not going for any finals, opting instead for early heat events in the cycling and swimming and choosing a low-key day in the main stadium.

So to not get anything at all, especially as we live within 5 miles of the bloody place…..

Still it gives me another opportunity to rubbish the truly appalling logo…

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