Olly Moss

Bit slow off the mark with this one, but I’ve recently come across this guy.. and boy is he a talented individual..

Olly Moss is a young British Graphic Designer who, from his subject choice obviously has a tendency towards geekdom (no bad thing in my book) but who is obviously destined for huge things…

There’s a link to his web site here and his Flickr pages are here and they are both full of witty, clever and beautifully produced work that is simple and phenomenally effective. Makes you want to give up really, it’s so bloody good…

These reimagined Star Wars film posters are my current favourite..

But then there are all these Films in Black & Red…

And some cool Star Trek stuff

And some Shoot the Baddies Targets…

And some classic video games as penguin book covers

In fact there’s so much wonderful stuff, you could spend hours looking and marvelling at the mans seemingly endless creativity…

  1. July 30, 2011 at 12:40

    As always Joe, good call. Saw some of his stuff the other day. Could have been in an art shop in Greenwich. Might have known you’d like the Penguin style 🙂

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