&u&i get tattooed…

This is the design for my next Tattoo…

It was produced for me by my very good friend Wong and is exactly what I wanted, in fact more so. I had the idea for this tattoo a while ago and I’ve been messing about trying to arrange standard fonts for ages, but couldn’t get anything to work, so I am eternally grateful to him for his graphic skills…

The design references a number of things:

I really like the idea that a symbol can mean a whole word: these four characters are spoken as “And You And I”. A simplification of the written language, without losing any of its meaning.

I’ve also always liked the ampersand, a historic and unusual character (or logogram as Wikipedia calls it) and have been using it as often as I could for many years now.

Those Prog heads among you may recognise the title of one of my favourite tracks from one of my all time favourite bands….

And you and I climb crossing the shapes of the morning,
And you and I reach over the sun for the river,
And you and I climb clearer towards the movement,
And you and I called over valleys of endless seas.

I was never sure exactly what the words meant, but I have always liked them, they way they sound and work together, heartfelt and evocative, full of a myriad possible interpretations, all of them positive.

Which brings me to the primary generator for this design, which was so that I could have the name of my beautiful partner written on my body, along with a subtle acknowledgement that without her, none of this means anything.

Now there’s just the decision as to where on my ageing skin it should go….


And here it is…

The photo deliberately shows as little of my body as possible, but in the end I opted to have it on my upper left arm, and I also went for a graduated colour rather than a solid black infill.

Many thanks to James @ Cherry Blossom Tattoo E14, a thoroughly nice chap indeed, and thanks again to Wong for the original design.

I’m well chuffed with it….

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