Banksy TV & Logorama

We watched Banksy’s “Exit through the gift shop” last night on Channel 4, as the artist himself took control of the station for a few hours.

Not seen the film before, and I’m not wholly convinced it wasn’t a complete set up, designed to both take the piss out of the art buying public whilst simultaneously upping the status of both Banksy and Shepard Fairey (he of the ubiquitous Obey design)…

If you haven’t seen it, the documentary approach of the film revolves around the story of Thierry a French cameraman who started filming graffiti artists “back in the day”, before a chance meeting with Banksy provided him with an opportunity to make a film about the street art/ graffiti movement. The film as it turned out was so atrocious that Banksy himself persuades Thierry to give up film making and become a graffiti artist …. which he then does so successfully that he sells one million dollars of work over the week long period of his first ever show…

All very enjoyable, but I thought it all seem rather contrived, all fitting together rather too nicely… The internet is full of theories of course, but in the end it doesn’t really matter, Banksy wins either way…

If it was genuine then it was a good story and well worth watching. If it was a hoax, and the LA public fell for it, buying derivative work from an unknown artist, then more fool them. But you could also argue that if it was a hoax and the work really was by Banksy and Fairey, then paying a couple of hundred dollars for some of their work is probably a bit of a bargain…

Part of Banksy’s programming for Channel 4 last night, included this rather excellent short called Logorama,  in which almost every aspect of the beautifully crafted and animated film is a recognisable corporate logo…

See how many you can count before the land falls into the sea and everyone dies…

  1. September 6, 2011 at 14:48

    oh my… hell yes – it’s all a clever moneymaker! i’ve turned my nose up to Fairey ever since the armada of crashing bores littered the André image all over the streets of Southern California in the 90s. I feel TrustoCorp has followed suit… it ranks high on my list of suspicion of total crap cleverly packaged to sell, sell, sell.

    • September 7, 2011 at 10:54

      Hi Jl
      Many thanks for spending time reading my blog, you must have had a slow day.. Your comments are very much appreciated, and thanks for the TrustoCorps link, I’ll definitely keep an eye on them.

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