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Monkey Tennis… Ideas for posts that never got off the ground

Keeping this blog going has been far easier than I ever thought it would be.. I’ve tried keeping logs and diaries in the past but within a couple of months, the impetus has usually faded and the project slides quietly into oblivion until next christmas….

With the blog though (and this is almost certainly because it’s not just about me and my day to day life) there seems to be a never ending list of stuff that interests me, and that I want to write about. Moreover, the amazing WordPress app on my phone allows me to write a quick draft as an idea, whenever and wherever I am, which I can then write up in more detail when I’m siting at the ‘pooter….

Not everything I’ve thought of turns into a post though, and just looking at the dashboard of my blog, there are currently 36 things waiting to be typed up, some of  which I have to admit probably never will… What seemed like a good idea at the time, can sometimes prove difficult to flesh out into a full blown post.

In fact some of these ideas remind me of the scene where Alan Partridge is pitching programme suggestions to Tony Hayers, The Chief Commissioning Editor at the BBC, and in desperation he starts making titles up; Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank, Inner City Sumo, A Partridge Amongst the pigeons and the classic Monkey Tennis.

So, as a way of clearing out my dashboard, here are some of the ideas that never got off the ground…..

Plant a tree in ’73, Plant some more in ’74

I can clearly remember these campaigns from my childhood and I was convinced that there was a really clever logo designed to promote the events… Couldn’t find one anywhere, and then the moment was gone…

Bendy Tent Poles

While camping last year (and again recently at the Big Chill) it occurred to me that bendy tent poles and self erecting tents, were truly fantastic inventions and had completely revolutionised tent design, encouraging more people to sleep under nylon in the great outdoors. The interweb didn’t agree with me however, as all I could find about the development of bendy tent poles, were some pages where I could buy replacement ones….


Clothkits was (and indeed still is) a company that effectively sold flat pack clothes via the post… and my mum loved them.  She was excited when they arrived, she enjoyed sewing them all together, and as I remember it, we spent most of the 1970’s wearing orange and olive trousers with big printed swirly patterns on with bright purple T shirts. I’d hoped to find some embarrassing photos of me and my family but sadly they’ve all disappeared…


When me & A we were in S.E Asia, and Vietnam in particular a year or so ago, we had great fun making up these 3 line, 17 syllable poems to describe our surroundings…. and.. er… that’s it really….

Paper Robots

About a year ago, there seemed to be loads of paper robot kits around the internet. Some are really excellent, I’ve printed them out, folded up the card and made my own special little friends…. but once you’ve admitted that, what else is there to write….


The number of my own house, a fact which generated the idea for a post made up of images of properties with the same number… I’ve got about four photos so far after about eight months…  an idea about as thin as the metal numbers on my front door….

  1. September 6, 2011 at 14:17

    62 intrigues me… i think b/c a couple of weeks ago i was fantasizing about relocation. I used Google maps to look up my commonly named street address as it appears in other cities. Lee Ave makes frequent appearances across the country – New York, San Francisco and even a made-up cultural counterpart – Li Ave in Singapore. I could live there!

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