27b/6 – David Thorne

My friend Darren sent me an email recently which introduced me to the exquisite humour of David Thorne.

Obviously something of a prankster, (although its obvious from his site, that he’s regularly called much worse than that) the email sent to me contained copies of 10 Formal Complaint Forms made out against Mr. Thorne by a rather sad sounding “co-worker” called Simon…. and once I’d stopped laughing, I thought I’d help spread the word….

Now whether the complaint forms are real or not is beside the point, what they is are very, very funny. I particularly liked the idea of Thorne overhearing Simon saying he would like a white iPhone, and then covering the one he has in Tipex, whilst “I’m too busy researching wasps” has to be one of the best excuses to get out of helping someone rebuild the office space that you’ve just dismantled, that I’ve ever heard.

The link above takes you to his own rather excellent site, 27b/6, which is full of lots of wonderful stuff. (Sad fact, and I swear I knew this without looking it up, the site’s name comes from the film Brazil, and is the form that Robert DeNiro tells Jonathan Price to ask for to prevent Bob Hoskins getting into his home)

Anyway, it seems that David Thorne is an Australian living in the US and is a man who has obviously honed his sarcastic email writing skills, to the point where he can produce a seemingly never ending stream of  letters to people about things that mostly wind him up.. a man after my own heart.

His site is definitely worth checking out if you have some spare time. There’s the one where he tries and fails to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider, but I really like this brilliant email exchange with a snowboard shop: after being sold rubbish gloves and refused a refund, he took out an ad in the local paper saying the shop was giving away 500 free snowboards.. and the relationship goes downhill from there…

Very clever & very funny….

It seems that a book of David Thorne’s writing has recently been published in the UK, although as the sticker on the front claims it contains everything that’s already online, I’m not sure why I should buy it…

Maybe I should write to Mr. Thorne and ask him, see if I can get into the inevitable second book…

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