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McBess @ The Book Club, Shoreditch

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

I was out in Shoreditch with Wong last night and we ended up at the rather excellent Book Club (after going to a gallery opening and seeing a sculpture of a sad and bemused stuffed horse standing in a large blue shape, but that’s another story…)

I like The Book Club: I like the Ercol sofas, their whole baked Camembert, and that undefinable something that seems to permeate this area (clichéd or otherwise). Last night though, I also really liked the drawings they had all over the walls…

Created by the French graphic designer and illustrator McBess (Matthieu Bessudo to his mum) the work is always in black and white and has an intensity that is utterly mesmerising.

With echoes (to my eyes) of Gilbert Shelton (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers), Reg Mombassa (Mambo) and Pete Fowler (Monsterism) McBess’s work is dense and beautifully made, and I can only imagine how long some of these pieces must have taken him….

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