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Chris Foss

September 8, 2011 1 comment

Ever since I read Asimov’s Foundation trilogy as a teenager, I have loved the work of Chris Foss…

It’s Space Opera on a huge scale: big ships adrift in limitless space, alien landscapes, lasers and engine trails, and all painted with a stunning degree of precision and technical ability…. just what a science fiction obsessed teenager needs.

Having not thought about or seen works by Chris Foss for many, many years, I recently came across his own site where it’s obvious he’s still producing some wonderful stuff, as evidenced by the recent publication of a book “Hardware” chronicling his work (looks like something for my Christmas list…..)

Foss was born in Guernsey in 1946 and made his name in the 1960’s and 70’s producing these amazing images of space ships and future technology. His ideas and imagination undoubtedly left a lasting impression on anyone that saw them, and indeed it has been suggested that his vision of what future space technology should look like, had the same iconic and defining qualities as H.R Giger’s did in terms of what Aliens should look like…

For those of you who have got this far, here’s my bizarre fact of the day (and I swear I didn’t know this before this afternoon), Chris Foss was responsible for all the line drawings in the original Joy of Sex book published in 1972 – seems like a reasonable excuse for a gratuitous (if rather dated and scratchy) image of a bearded man squeezing a woman’s breasts….

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