Lego Architecture…

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got all excited this morning when I found out via Arch Daily that Lego have started a new series of kits under the banner Architecture

There are currently only 5 buildings available, 3 of which are by Frank Lloyd Wright (Falling Water, The Robie House & The Guggenheim Museum) but more are promised, and it looks from website, that Lego are open to suggestions as to which other classic edifices might be produced…

This new series complements the existing Landmarks series of kits (which incidentally includes the lovely Seattle Space Needle) and brings to a total of 11, the number of bits of architecture you can build on your dining room table…. I’m not sure how significant it is that only 2 of these 11 buildings (the Burj Kalifa and the Brandenburg Gate) are not in the US, but lets not get too hung up on that for now..

Anyway, having had a quick look at the kits online, my excitement was dulled slightly when I realised two things… Firstly they are quite small, (look at the size of the Lego lugs on the Guggenheim Museum to see what I mean) and secondly like all purpose built Lego kits, they are fearsomely expensive, The Robie House comes in at a whopping £170…

So whilst you do get 2276 purpose designed and perfectly formed pieces for that, and it has to be said, it does look pretty good, I don’t think I’ll be getting one any time soon…

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