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Nonsense Spam…

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the most annoying aspects of the web is of course spam.. This blog attracts it’s fair share, but luckily most of it blocked by a widget called Akismet (whatever that is)

Spammers are persistent buggers, and some rubbish inevitably gets through. Their trick apparently is to create nonsense text, which fools the spam filter and so ends up in your inbox… My understanding is that spammers get paid for the number of emails delivered, irrespective of whether the message is read, or how obscure the advertising/ message aspect is.

Even though the message is gobbledygook, some of it can be quite poetic in it’s randomness… These typical examples have all arrived over the last few days…

“Excellent points? I would note that as somebody who actually doesn’t write on blogs so much (actually, this may be my first publish), I don’t suppose the term ‘lurker’ is very turning into to a non-posting reader. It’s no longer your fault in the least , but possibly the blogosphere may get a hold of a better, non-creepy title for the ninety% of us that revel in reading the content material.” (Cheap Cartier watches)

“This will be a really heavy imagination that you are furnishing and you pass it away for free. I savour seeing websites that begin to see the value of rendering a prime resource for free. I truly enjoyed reading your Wiley Post. Thanks” (Cheap hats)

“whoah this weblog is magnificent i adore studying your posts. Stay the great work! You understand, many people are shopping around due to this information, you’ll be able to make this happen greatly.”

“Where does one suggest I apparently learn additional?” (

“I am continually browsing online for articles that can facilitate me. Appreciate the everwhile and wonderful post. I am glad you took the time to post it. Thanks”

“Certainly it’s genuinely true that you will be saying below. My spouse and i can’t nevertheless get pleasure from for you usually and that i hope you is going to let us know more info on this unique topic in your potential future publishing on this great blog page.” (MIG Welders)

“To begin with Among the best to express Thanks a lot. You earn people clear that i’m experiencing more at ease seeing the next few paragraphs here and now I’ve got inevitably regarding this!! Truly have fun here. Many thanks” (Black & Decker Tools)

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