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A rather lazy post of other people’s videos…

Its good to be busy at work, but it does mean that long involved posts are proving rather challenging to research & write up… So in lieu of a proper post full of opinion and thought, here are some amazing videos that I’ve either come across or been told about over the last few months.

Reulf is a lovely idea, beautifully made and executed, simple as…

The Rough Fields video is by some friends of mine whose music I’m following with great interest. It’s a stylishly lo-fi offering that perfectly fits Jim’s beautiful tune.

The Three Trapped Tigers video is a bonkers thing, and I can’t decide if that’s in spite of, or because of the presence of the ever excellent Matt Berry. Once you’ve got over the visuals, listen to the tune… very nice

Bjork is obviously a few scoops short of the full cornet, but you could never accuse her of resting on her laurels, (painting your chin purple is not most people’s idea of style). This is an unusually low tech Michel Gondry video (Clangers anyone?) which accentuates the brilliant old school “drill and bass” section of the tune at about 3.00 mins in.. The Squarepusher revival (hopefully) starts here…

The other two are Lego based animations. The Eddie Izzard sketch has been making me laugh for many years now and this seems like a good opportunity to attach it to my blog. The other is a short homage to one of the best films ever made…  Fingers crossed that Ridley Scott’s upcoming reboot of Bladerunner (and indeed of Alien) are as excellent as the originals, adding to, rather than detracting from their legacy…

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