Italian Doorways

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

We had the great pleasure to be in Italy recently at our friends wonderful Tuscan Wedding.

We’ve been to Tuscany a couple of times before and each visit always leaves me marvelling at the timeless wonder and beauty of the little hilltop villages to the south of Pisa. Other than the odd car crawling past on the narrow roads, they seem to be almost from a different era, stuck in some enduring, parallel time line. How they manage to survive so apparently untainted by the 21st Century (at least from the outside) is a complete mystery to a committed city dweller like me…

One thing that really stood out for me this trip, were the wonderful doorways and entrances that seemed to be around every corner…

Thresholds and the idea of entering and crossing from one space to another is such an important aspect of Architecture and Urban Design, and I’ve always been fascinated by the apparent simplicity of a door and frame in an opening, as together they represent so much more that what they physically are… security, promise, intrepidation, excitement, adventure…

Anyway enough of the thinking… These are just a few of the doorways that caught my attention in the village of Morrona, where the almost wilful lack of effort to maintain some of them I would argue, only adds to their appeal…

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