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Tiny House @ Horinouchi, Tokyo

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Arch Daily sent me this amazing little house yesterday, designed for a couple and their young daughter.

Although possibly not the prettiest thing in Tokyo, I really like the architects own description of the project (extracts are in green, the full text can be found here on ArchDaily). The house was designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier, and the translation is wonderfully creative and almost as free flowing as the spaces they have managed to create out of this tiny and unprepossessing little site…

“This is a very small house built on the triangle site where the river and the road were crossed and made to the acute angle. For the dead-end road, it became a plan in various regulations for obtaining special permission….”

Although the (ground) level floor was a private space, it limits for dividing with the curtain of a race in the door, stairs, storage, etc. except for a bathroom. It enabled it to feel a spread.

The level+1 floor is divided into small areas by structural narrow walls, being connected with one by the ridgeline of a roof.

The limited volume snuggles up to the river, and I think that I was able to design various space that can live while looking for a favourite place to stay.

I too think that the architects have managed to create a surprising number of quality and useable spaces within such a small volume…

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