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Timeless Animal sculptures

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

We went to the British Museum to see the Grayson Perry exhibiton yesterday afternoon, but were surprised and disappointed to find that there were no more tickets available for the day…

Which resulted in a rather aimless hour or so wandering around some of the other rooms… although it did mean that I came across these rather wonderful sculptural palettes…

These little carved mudstone animals are such beautiful objects in themselves, they have a freshness and simplicity that gives them an almost contemporary feel.

But then I read that they were made by the Naqada people, in a Pre-dynastic (i.e. before the Pharaoh’s) Egypt and dated from about 4000 BC… making them over 6000 years old… Truly an amazing thing, especially when you think that here in Britain during this period (the Neolithic) we were just about getting the hang of knapping flint to make axe heads, forming very basic clay pots and simple representations of the human figure such as The Westray Wifey.

Not a great deal is known about The Naqada, a culture spanning a period of roughly 1500 years (from 4400 to 3000BC) and named after the city where the majority of archeological finds have been unearthed. But they obvioulsy had a keen sense of style and an eye for beauty that it would be easy to think of as the seed for the wonders of Ancient Egpyt that were to follow over the next few thousand years.


2nd choice… (out of 194 million)

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Little A said she had trouble finding my blog the other day, which worried me slightly…

So I typed Joe Blogs into Google this morning and this is what came up…..

Which is truly unbelievable, my little site came up 2nd choice out of 194 million results.. I was (and still am) quite literally, speechless

No idea if this is a freak occurrence or if it will be a regular thing, but it’s totally made my day…

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