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Adobe Creative Juices – Late Update

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After receiving an e-letter this morning, I realise I never put the winning entry up for this competition I entered back in March…

S’okay I suppose, a bit more rounded than mine, a tad more professional looking maybe, but I’m not sure about the pink and blue…

For the record, this was the 14th highest placed entry with 59 votes.

The one with the most votes was this orange one with 147 (presumably the result of either a very well managed Facebook/ Twitter campaign, or someone with lots of mates who have nothing better to do than visit sites and tick boxes)

I ended up in 89th place (out of 298) with 6 votes for this green version of my effort. Way outside the top 30 from which the winner was chosen, but still in the top third. So thanks to everyone who ticked my box…

I think it’s quite interesting that all three of these designs are based on the same idea (as were loads of others to be honest) in which the C and the J form a continuous loop… Great minds etc. etc…

I’ll let you know if/ when I enter any more of these silly things, but I’ve got a proper job now so I’m not at home looking for things to do… (which believe you me is a GOOD thing)

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