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Google Doodle – Stanislaw Lem & Daniel Mroz

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Couldn’t miss this wonderful animation from today’s Google Front Page.

Honouring the 60th anniversary of the great Polish Sci Fi author Stanislaw Lem’s first book, The Astronauts. Lem also wrote Solaris, which Andrei Tarkovsky filmed in majestic style in 1972, and Steven Soderburgh and George Clooney remade a few years ago, in a surprisingly watchable version.

Daniel Mroz is a name I didn’t know, but if the rest of his work is as excellent as this, I will certainly be checking him out straight away. I love this number robot…

  1. Lukasz
    November 23, 2011 at 22:14

    The animation is excellent indeed. One little correction: Lem was not a Russian but a Polish writer and all his works were written in that language. He was born in Lwow (now Lviv, Ukraine) in 1921, when the city was part of Poland. He was attracted to that city very much all his life – he left only in 1946, after Lwow became part of the USSR; he left for Cracow, Poland and spent most of his adult life there except a few years in 1980s, when he lived in Vienna, Austria. It was also Cracow where he died in 2006 and was buried.
    It is a fact that (despite his very strong anticommunist attitude) Lem’s books were adored very much in the USSR – all or almost all were translated into Russian, Ukrainian and other languages used there. I think they wished they had not let him go to Poland – they could have called him a Soviet writer at least.
    Daniel Mroz (1917-1993) was a Cracow painter and illustrator, the author of numerous pictures for books and magazines. His drawings are distinctive and easy to recognize. The images from the animation come from the illustrations of the Polish edition of “The Cyberiad” – probably one of the best of all Lem’s books. I truly recommend this book and the excellent English translation by Michael Kandel, who managed to do the impossible: translated the totally untranslatable book into English and retained its unique flavour.

    • November 24, 2011 at 09:57

      Good morning Lukasz
      My apologies, I knew Lem was Polish… I wrote that post rather quickly over my lunch hour and didn’t do my usual checks. As for Mroz, I will definitley try and get a copy of The Cyberiad, as I like his work very much.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting

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