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Frootful Graphics on Freestyle Records

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

My good friend Danny showed me this rather fine example of quality graphic design the other day, simple and memorable..

Its a (very) limited edition sleeve for the new release on the ever excellent Freestyle Records by a band that goes by the name of Frootful. The 3 tracks on the record are all pretty excellent too, full of latin, funk and soul flavours with the Lack of Afro remix of the main tune Slowtime being the one that stands out for me…

We actually saw Frootful play live back in April at their album launch party in Denmark Street. I didn’t realise it at the time but Nick Radford, the driving force behind the band, is obviously also a very talented graphic designer, as not only is this delightful sleeve by him, but also the flier for the launch event, which is shown below, along with some more of his work that I’ve borrowed from his site here.

I must say, the disconnect between what I’m listening too and who it is that’s made it does sadden me a little… Downloads, mp3’s and Spotify are obviously all amazing things, and I listen to more and varied music now than I ever have, but I did used to love reading everything printed on a record sleeve. Knowing who the guest musician playing the triangle on track 3 was, or reading that the whole album was recorded in a cold corrdior in Prague or that the drummers brother painted the cover artwork, always seemed really important things to me…

Still, that’s what this blog is for… finding out about brilliant stuff like Freestyle and Frootful, and then making the connections anyway…

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