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A Lemon Jelly Lucky Bag

December 13, 2011 1 comment

We were looking for our last years stash of unused christmas cards over the weekend and I came across this rather wonderful forgotten thing…

The date: Friday 7th March 2003. The place: The Kentish Town Forum. The event: Lemon Jelly’s Patagonian Tour, and a marvelous event it was too. All flashy lights, crystal clear sound and Fred playing a cello…

I think we were all given one of these as we walked into the venue, but being the sad hoarder/ collector type that I am, I ended up with about 3 or 4 of them.. If you were there, you may remember seeing me at the end of the gig, I was one of several, rather drunk sad buggers, collecting everyone else’s droppage (it seemed important at the time): Postcards, pencils (with the helpful instructions “Lemon Jelly Doodle Machine” on the side) balloons, badges, fliers for a kids special matinee gig and an unused bingo ticket (I guess we didn’t win)

I’m sure I vaguely remember a year or so afterwards that one of these lucky bags was put up on eBay, and achieved in excess of £30, not bad for a load of old tat (lovely though it all obviously is)

Finding this has reminded me that I have still to write a post on Airside, easily one of my all time favourite designers. I’m actually a bit shocked and surprised that I havn’t got around to it yet, as I have records, t shirts, calendars, posters, books, loads of stuff from Fred and the team…. so watch this space.

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