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Fabric Fliers from 2001

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I was inspired by finding the Lemon Jelly Lucky bag the other day, so I thought I’d delve through the rest of my collected stuff, to see what else I could find, (and belive me, there’s loads…)

First up are some beautiful Fabric fliers from 10 years ago, a very scary thought. They are by the artist Tommy Penton  whose work I haven’t seen much of recently, but whose distinctive and immediately recognisable style seemed to be everywhere a decade or so ago, adorning album sleeves, magazine covers and book jackets. Check out his site, see what you recognise…

I particularly enjoyed this set of images when they came out. I liked the story of a morning they told over the six months: In January we see our man at breakfast, February he leaves the house, March and April see him travelling on the underground (I like his reflection in the carriage window), whilst in May and June he walks out to sit in the park.. And much like Tommi Ungerer or Maurice Sendak before him, Penton uses the device of a little repeated motif in every image (in this case a cat) linking them all together. Very nice…

Little A tells me that we went to at least three or four of these nights, and it’s interesting to read some of the names, still relevant (in my opinion) and still banging it out on a regular basis: Tom Middleton, Terry Francis, John Digweed (natch), Ralph Lawson, Bill Brewster and Lee Burridge to name just a few… Whilst my “what are they doing now/ greatly missed” list would have to include Circulation, Dave Angel, Doc Martin and our favourite deep house don, Jon Marsh.

I’ve written about Fabric’s excellently varied and democratic approach to design before, and these fliers are another example of the club giving  young illustrators free reign, without dictating a house style, an approach which is very much to be commended.

If you’ve got this far, I’ll finish with the footnote that this is actually my 200th post… and I’m no where near bored yet… So thanks for tuning in and hopefully the next 200 will be just as good…

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