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Kudos Records – Twenty Years at the forefront of the Underground…

January 9, 2012 3 comments

This year sees the 20th anniversary of Kudos Records, a company founded in Kilburn back in 1992 by my very good friend Danny Ryan and his then business partner Mike Hazel (he of the Golden Girls fame).

Twenty years in dance music record distribution is an outstanding achievement and especially the last twenty, when sales of “physical” music (i.e. vinyl and cd’s) have largely migrated to the various digital formats of today. Kudos was one of the few small independents to successfully make the transition from physical to digital and it’s probably the success of the distribution side of the company, that has curtailed the output of the record label side.

So a huge congratulations to Danny and new(ish) partner Jim. I hope they achieve similar success, recognition and respect over the next twenty years, and as my own small celebration of Danny’s huge contribution to the UK’s independent music industry, I thought that as he nominated me the Official Kudos Records archivist many years ago, I would do something useful with my collection.

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on a back catalogue, which at 25 or so releases between 1992 and 2004 is not huge, but which without doubt represents an impressively wide and eclectic spectrum of sounds and artists… some of whom went onto to be almost famous…

KUD001Industry Standard: Rave On (1992)

To start the ball rolling, a little known production by the Hartnol brothers, otherwise known as Orbital… Mike had the connections (they had previously remixed his Golden Girls track) and Phil and Paul had the tune, and so another techno monster was let loose on the world..

KUD002Spinach: Rewind the Crystal Shells (1992)

A huge, punishing onslaught of sound heralded release number two… 4 tracks of beautiful noise from none other than Mr. Luke Slater… Set the machines to stun…


KUD003 – Pentatonik: Autonomous – Series One (1993)

KUD004 Pentatonik: Resolution – Series One (1993)

Two excellent 12’s from Sim Bowring in his Pentatonik guise. Lush, layered sounds taking the label in a new direction. I must admit that when I first got Autonomous, I couldn’t find the RPM, and as a result I played Catalonia too fast until Dan gave me the CD… Autonomous is also the first appearance of the now instantly recognisable flying K logo.





KUD005 Types: A Kudos Sampler (1994)

KUD006 The Kudos Digest: A is for Apple (1995)

KUD007The Kudos Digest: B is for Brocolli (1995)

KUD008The Kudos Digest: C is for Cherries(1995)

Four very fine and eclectic records. The Types sampler contains some of the biggest names of the time including Dave Angel, Sandoz and Scanner…  As for the Digests, as I remember it, there really was a plan to get to Z … although I’m not sure what the fruit/ vegetable would have been (zucchini possibly). This series was conceived by Danny & Mike as a way of collecting predominantly 12″ vinyl releases and issuing them on a limited edition CD release.





KUD009Jimpster: Perennial Pleasures  EP (1997)

KUD009RJimpster: La di da – Bullitnut Remixes (1997)

KUD010Jimpster: Interconnect EP (1997)

KUD011Jimpster: Messages From the Hub (1999)

A quartet of stunning releases from none other than Jamie Odell in his guise as Jimpster, heralded a new high for the label. Jimpster’s star was in the ascendance and spread across these two EP’s, debut LP and a 12″ remix from Bullitnuts were some truly wonderful tunes… deep, intelligent and very satisfying…

KUD012Unforscene: Remote Viewing EP(2000)

KUD014 Unforscene – The Sulston Connection EP (2000)

The first of a number of excellent EP’s from one of the “nu jazz” scene’s finest exponents. Comprising the core of Will & Ben Bower plus a selection of highly skilled support musicians, Unforscene would go on to become one of the most highly regarded acts from the Kudos stable, and this is where it all began…

KUD013Fila Brazillia: Brazilification (1999/2000)

Inspired by the success of the timeless collection that is Kruder & Dorfmeister’s K&D Sessions, Danny, Mike and Fila’s label boss Porky collected together as many remixes by Hull’s finest Lazy Beat exponents, Fila Brazillia as they could afford… The result was this outstanding double CD, which apart from their seminal rework of Busta Rhymes “Do My Thing” (unavailable due to greed) is choc full of Fila’s finest work… including Radiohead, Unkle, DJ Food, The Orb and Simple Minds…. Marvellous.

KUD015Jimpster: Seeing is Believing (2000)

KUD016Jimpster: Deep Down EP (2001)

Two more fine offerings from Jimpster. I was a bit of a DJ myself for a while and one of the records that never left my bag was the Deep Down EP. The last track, Jack in a Box was always a sure fire floor filler…

KUD017Unforscene: Pacific Heights (2001)

The excellent first Long Player from Unforscene was quite rightly, very well received upon its release in 2001. There are some truly amazing tunes here. The track I keep on returning to is Minus, with its rich, slow first half and more uptown percussive closing section, I think it has a real timelessness.

KUD018Various: A Little Night Music (2001)

A collection of “future underground classics” as the man says, with tunes from Jimpster, Baby Mammoth and Masters at Work.



KUD019Jimpster: Domestic Science (2002)

KUD020Jimpster: State of Mind (2002)

The final two releases from Jimpster for Kudos, were the eclectic and very well received LP Domestic Science and the single from it, State of Mind. Jimpster had set up his own label Freerange a few years earlier (1999 I think) which he not unsurprisingly, wanted to concentrate all his efforts on.

KUD021Unforscene: Trying (2003)

KUD022Unforscene: New World Disorder (2003)

As with Jimpster, and thanks to the exposure offered by their releases through Kudos, Unforscene were gaining a huge reputation and after delivering their New World Disorder LP and the Trying single from it, left to go their own way. My favourite Unforscene track “The World is….” comes from this record, a timeless piece of music and no mistake.

KUD023Various: Pork Chops (2003)

A celebration of Hulls’ finest label, Pork Recordings with a selection of their prime cuts, featuring two of my all time top Pork tracks Fortean Daze by Bullitnuts and Fila Brazillia’s mighty Pots and Pans (a tune that could easily lay claim to being in my 5  favourite records from the whole of the 1990’s)

KUD024Nick Luscombe: Flo-Motion Volume 1 (2003)

KUD025Nick Luscombe: Flo-Motion Volume 2 (2004)

The final two records that Kudos has bequeathed the world (up to now) were these two fine compilations. Mixed by the ever excellent Nick Luscombe, they offered a selection of some of the best downtempo and groovy vibes from the middle of the last decade…

So all in all a staggeringly impressive achievement, and three cheers to Danny (and Jim & Mike).

Long may Kudos continue to full my life with lovely music…

Austin Industries Chess Set, 1966

January 9, 2012 9 comments

How about this as a contender for “one of the most beautiful things you’re likely to see today”….

It’s an extruded aluminium chess set from 1966. It was designed by Austin Cox, for Austin Industries, and manufactured in the States by Alcoa. The silver (white) pieces are natural finish aluminium whilst the black ones have been bronze anodised around their outer edges.

The set came in a hardwood, foam lined box which could be wall mounted apparently, and had a fantastic, blue perspex sliding lid. The pieces were all stamped on their bases and it looks like you could buy each set either separately or as a pair in a single box…

Very, very nice indeed… So if anyone finds a spare one in their games cupboard, please don’t hesitate to let me know….

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