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Noma Bar – Graphic Designer

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s a name for you… Noma Bar, a young Israeli graphic designer with an incredible knack of capturing a face, idea or character through a single image.

Everything I like about graphic design is in his work: bold colours, simple lines, sharp ideas. He’s been around for many years now, and I’m surprised that I’ve not written about him before… It was this recent Darth Vader cover for Shortlist magazine, a week or so ago that has prompted me  to do it now.

Much of his work involves ideograms or pictograms, in which a single image or symbol encapsulates a much larger concept. The images are layered and not everything is immediately as it seems: The mugs of coffee are two people’s speech bubbles, the zipper of the top defines the face of the man, the trails of missiles over the US make up the face of Kim Yong Ill….

There’s some more of his excellent work here and here, and I’ve captured some of my favourite images below..

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