QlockTwo Watch

I like the stylings of this new watch by Biegert & Funk…

The face is a grid of 110 letters and to tell the time you press the big shiny button on the side and it tells you in words…

There’s also an App for my Android phone, which at 70p looks pretty good, until you realise (as one reviewer points out) that by the time you’ve opened the app, waited for the inevitable advert to go away and then pressed the screen to get the time, the moments already gone…

Still the watch itself looks very fine indeed, which it should do for around €500.

It reminds me of a watch that And bought a couple of years back. A beautiful thing made by a Japanese company called TokyoFlash, it had a grid of 42 LED’s which could be used to tell the time in three ways, Hour centric, Minute centric and (our favourite) Binary… Hours of fun, especially if (like And) you could never remember how to read the dots….

And in case you’re wondering, to tell the time in binary, you only use the top two lines of the display and read the dots like this…

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