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Rough Fields, Maya Jane Coles & Killing Joke

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What, you may be asking is the connection between these three quite disparate artistes.. well, I’ve seen them all play live and they’re all British, but more importantly they’ve all recently released records that have moved me sufficiently to go out and buy the actual CD.. the first physical bits of music I’ve bought in far too long (at least a year)

Honestly, I’m so impressed by the Rough Fields record Edge of the Firelight. The singles released over the last six months or so have all been excellent, but hearing them all collected together really adds something to the whole. It still amazes me that I know someone that can write music this accomplished. It is pretty much flawless to my ears, breathtaking in its scope and ambition. Jim layers washes of sound, looped guitars and his fragile vocals, over skittery beats and percussion to create a truly a wonderful thing..

Listen to it on Spotify, but then go and buy it. Earn Jim enough money so he’ll make some more of this sublime loveliness…

About a year or so ago, And and I went to a Bank Holiday 2020Vision event at the less than impressive Village Underground in Shoreditch. Run by the DJ Ralph Lawson, 2020Vision is a dance music record label with a hugely impressive record (sorry) of releasing high quality tuneage to the world. I personally have at least 25, 2020Vision 12″s from when I used to DJ in the olden times..

On the bill that night was a young DJ by the name of Maya Jane Coles. Word was just starting to spread about how good she was and we were duly impressed.

A year later, and in the smallish (but perfectly formed) world of quality dance music, Maya Jane has gone stratospheric, and tops out a fantastic 12 months with what could easily be the mix of the year. Released through the ever consistent !K7 label out of Berlin, Maya Jane Coles DJ Kicks reflects everything that is a good about house music today, covering a wide base of sounds, but with the emphasis most definitely on quality. There’s house (obviously) electro, dub step, techno and even some old school acid and UK Garage in there.

In my humble opinion, this is what the young uns bring to dance music, their references and sources are now so broad, that they hear connections in sounds and styles that old bods like me would never think about putting together… And I know I’m old enough to be her father and I shouldn’t be getting excited by what 20 something women are doing blah, blah..  But dance music for me is still such a big thing, and I’m pretty certain that repetitive beats and machine made sounds will always move me.  So it’s excellent that the next generation are still nurturing and developing this wonderful music.

And finally Killing Joke

MMXII is not a ground breaking record you understand, but its so much more than just another record, and is certainly an impressive return to form. Jaz is still warning the world of injustice and the coming apocalypse, but he sounds more convincing than he has for while, whilst Geordie, Youth and Paul Ferguson provide a tight, incendiary soundtrack full of power and ace riffs, that echo and magnify the doom laded prophecies of their intense front man…

Marvellous.. Check out my favourite track Rapture if you don’t believe me…

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