Wong sent me this the other day… it’s the trailer for the new Alien film…

Its called Prometheus and it’s directed by Ridley Scott who also directed the first (and in my opinion the best) of the four previous films.

Prometheus started out life as a prequel to Alien, however the original storyline was reworked during development so that it became a separate, stand alone thing, sharing “strands of Alien’s DNA” (as Scott has said) and taking place in the same universe, but not being directly connected to Ripley, The Nostromo, Fury 161 and any of the other people and events we know and love in Aliens 1 to 4…

From the trailer above, I have to say that it looks quite promising and being the sad Sci Fi geeks that both me and Wong are, we’re getting rather excited about going to see the film when it opens here in London at the beginning of June. OK, the story about finding star patterns and hidden messages from unconnected ancient human civilisations is, on the face of it surprisingly derivative for someone of Ridley Scott’s calibre (Erich von Daniken anyone?) but the CGI space craft and technology look truly amazing. I’m also intrigued to see the inclusion of the huge, dead Pilot who may or may not have been the first victim of our favourite Xenomorph Aliens…

Fingers crossed that all this CGI is used to illustrate the narrative, rather than the other way around. I’ve always liked this about the Alien films… that they feel like they were shot on an actual set rather than on a green screen, for me this adds significantly to the claustrophobia of each installment…

The only down side to this new film is that from what I can tell, the wonderful Sigourney Weaver will play no part in it… An Alien without Sigourney is something I thought I would never have to consider and it will definitely take some getting used to.

Still, Noomi Rapace is in the new one and although she denies it online, I guess she will take on the role of the strong, lead female character that will attempt to fill the huge space left by Ellen Ripley…

Other than the footnote below, I’ll finish with some pictures of the great woman herself …. young and fresh faced in Alien (1979) (if only she knew what would happen to her over the next 200 years); dirty and armed to the teeth in Aliens (1986); shaven headed and terrifyingly close to her nemesis in Alien 3 (1992) and finally as the leather clad hybrid, that prowled through Alien Resurrection (1997)

One final thing .. this is a link to a rather excellent viral ad campaign that started doing the rounds in February. It is the website of Weyland Industries and initially focuses on their newest product, David 8 (a cybernetic android played by Michael Fassbender in the film).. It is brilliant and will suck up much of your time if you let it, trying to find all the strands and where they lead..

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