RIP Maurice Sendak and MCA

I’m sad this morning, as I learned that Maurice Sendak died last night at the age of 83.

I’ve been a huge fan of his work all my life and have written about him several times in the pages of this blog. I read in the paper that a final story is due for publication later this year, and I shall keep my eyes open for that. If it’s only half as good as Where The Wild Things Are, it’ll still be worth having.

NB: this is not actually me in the photo above by the way, but ask my mum and she’ll tell you that this is exactly what I looked like circa 1970… spooky and rather disconcerting (not me, the resemblance)

Writing of Sendak’s death reminds me that Adam Yauch, or more usually MCA of the Beastie Boys also passed away a few days ago… This is both a sad and sobering thing as, give or take a few months, MCA was the same age as me… and that’s no age to have to pack it all in…

Intergalactic was always my favourite video, and was also directed by MCA under hs Nathanial Hornblower pseudonym. It contains the geniusness of the jerky stepping and pointing moves through a very urban Tokyo (?), the safety gear and flourescent strips, the Tokusatu/ daikaiju or classic Japanese giant monster fight references and of course, the tune itself…

I would suggest that their influence is bigger than most people realise…

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