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Marilyn Monroe @ The Getty Images Gallery

Me & And popped into the current Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery over the weekend. It’s not a huge exhibition but it does feature some rather wonderful photos and some of the dresses that she wore during her turbulent and somewhat tragic life…

The little black one at the right of this photo is the one she wore in Some Like it Hot, and the red one is from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…. How much more Iconic can you get?

Now, being neither a huge Marilyn fan nor a gay man, I went along out of a general cultural interest more than anything else, but do you know what?.. I definitely got a strange, buzzy feeling from standing so close to the actual dresses that Marilyn actually wore…

Even from the photos you could tell there was something special about this woman; an aura, an attitude, something difficult to define maybe, but having now spent three quarters of an hour in a room with only the faintest echoes of her presence, I would have to say that I’m a believer…

All the images from the exhibition are here but the one I’ve screen grabbed above was my favourite. Taken in 1954 when she was 28 years old and at the height of her fame, it shows her in a less formal way than the usual images we see of her. And as And said when we were looking at it, you would be hard pushed to believe that an image more than 55 years old, could appear so utterly contemporary and undated…

Sadly she would be dead less than 8 years after this photo was taken, and it seems that much of the simple person smiling so beautifully for the camera here, has been lost to the various conspiracy theories that surround her death…

Truly an amazing woman…

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