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An excellent use for all those old VHS tapes you’ve got in the loft…

My friend Wong just sent me a link to this amazing sculpture made out of old VHS tape…

By pinning reels of the film tape to two parallel circular walls at opposite ends of the a long space, the artist Zilvinas Kempina creates a space within a space, a sort of non-space that is visually very arresting and geometrically satisfying…

In the artist’s own words.. “Videotape is made to present the world in color, but it appears purely black. It’s supposed to be this safe container of the past, but it is destined to vanish like a dinosaur, to become obsolete, pushed away by new technologies.” It must be quite time consuming (and probably frustrating) ensuring that the stretched bits of tape all have the same tension but don’t snap… and I can’t help but wonder how long they keep their shape for, stretched out over all that distance…

These sculptures remind me of a scene in the production of Satyragraha we saw a few years back where Sellotape was continually looped across the stage before being rolled up together to create figures that were then moved out and across the stage..

Amazing what you can do with redundant technologies…


  1. Meech
    July 4, 2012 at 02:29

    This is very cool Joe! I’ve been to 5 Art Graduation shows this season so it’s all very relevant….

  2. July 4, 2012 at 09:27

    Hi Michelle,
    lovely to hear from you & thanks for visiting. This art larks easy once you have a cool idea eh? hopefully see you both soon

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