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Anna Meredith – Nautilus

I’m not really a fan of classical music, there’s not generally enough electronics in it for my tastes. Obvious exceptions would include Steve Reich and Philip Glass, whose minimal repetitions always send a shiver down my spine…

Now it looks like I may have another name to add to this auspicious list, because on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 afternoon show yesterday, I heard a track called Nautilus by Anna Meredith that even half heard across the office, sounded amazing…

I can’t find it anywhere online yet other than at the beginning of a mix here

As it’s a mix, I’m not entirely sure if the drums towards the end are not another track mixed in. I don’t think so though (I certainly hope not) as it sounds wonderful to my ears, and I never thought I’d hear myself say that about brass… repetitive, climbing stabs of noise, deep electronic dubby bass sounds underneath, all very nice and proper…

I’d not heard of Anna before yesterday, but I now know from her site above, that she is “one of the UK’s most in demand young composers and her music is widely performed around the world..”

It looks like Nautilus will be released shortly on the Black Prince Fury Ep… I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record if it’s as good as this…

UPDATE  – 24th October 2012

Finally here it is, and what a wonderful thing Anna has created.

Not really a “classical” record at all, sounding like it would be just at home on WARP Records as Deutscher Gramophone.. full of bleeps, strange noises and lushness…

Click the sleeve image below for a link to Spotify and see what you think…

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