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Swans way – The Fugitive Kind (1984)

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a very enjoyable afternoon today listening to an album I’ve neither heard nor thought about since sometime last century…

I think it must have been someone on the radio talking about swans or fugitives (or something, I’m not quite sure now), but whatever, there was the idea and hey presto there it was on Spotify…

Like most people who have any knowledge of Swans way, I guess it was their appearance on The Tube in the early 1980’s that spiked my interest in the band.

Not in any sense my usual fare, Swans way were a smartly dressed three piece comprising Robert Shaw on vocals and sax, Maggie Du Monde on drums and Rick P. Jones on double Bass. Together they created a rich, semi orchestral sound with a brass section and a strong sense of soul and rhythm. As I say not in nay sense my usual thing at all, but there was something about these songs and those vocals that lifted them above the everyday…

Beautifully crafted and evocative, this was one of those records I played so much at University, that I literally wore the grooves out, making my copy now almost unlistenable in parts. And how do I know that I listened to it so much? Because despite not having heard it for all these years, I still knew all the words, all the tunes, all the musical breaks and all the little flourishes. It’s been sitting there in my head all these years waiting to be rediscovered…

Their big tune was Soul Train, a lush and atmospheric track which you can watch below to get a feel for their sound (and if you click the picture above you can listen to the whole album via the wonder of Spotify)

No idea why they only made one album, when they were this good together (musical differences I suspect) although I do know that the drummer and bass player went on to (slightly) greater success with a band called Scarlet Fantastic.

Maybe in these days of reunion and reconciliation, the possibility of some future gigs might not be out of the question… Personally I can think of nothing better than singing along to When The Wild Calls or The Anchor somewhere appropriate like The Union Chapel in Islington…

  1. Victoria Knychala
    October 22, 2012 at 14:25

    yep, found Soul Train on a compilation album on Saturday and was so excited – couldn’t wait to hear it and as soon as I did I knew why I’d loved it so much the first time. Amazing.

  2. Don
    February 7, 2015 at 10:08

    yes,its funny how certain things leave their mark Soultrain video on the tube stays with me,I bought an EP version of Soultrain, which is probably in the loft somewhere,which wasnt as compelling. Nice to know someone else remembers.

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