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Kim Jung Gi – Artist Extraordinare….

January 17, 2013 5 comments

Another find from my good friend Wong today… the unbelievably gifted Korean artist Kim Jung Gi.

The video below shows him drawing at an comics expo a couple of years ago, and to see the almost super human confidence with which he brandishes that Sharpie pen is most impressive… He doesn’t seem to pencil it out first either, just gets on and draws…

Comic art may not be your thing, but this work is about so much more than superheroes and mutants. Gi draws recognisable things from everyday (with the odd fantasy element here and there for good measure) and draws them in a dense, layered way that really brings them to life.

On the basis that you’re unlikely to have the time (or the will) to spend 75 mins watching the whole thing, just watch the first 3 minutes as he draws the dude and the chicks in the car, then skip to 11 mins and watch him draw the elephant with the howdah on its back, and then just randomly skip through the rest to marvel at how the whole thing appears as if by magic, from the paper… Unbelievable.

What leaves me speechless is how he can know what all these disparate things look like; engines, animals, people in scuba gear, Formula One car pits, motorcycles, personalised jet packs…  all drawn with phenomenal accuracy and total believability..

If you’ve got even less time, the images below are of the finished piece. Took him a couple of hours I think…3076579920_095b8fc9_p038-1_a

Obviously a young man with a very exciting future. You can find loads more examples of his enviable ability to draw online, but here are a few of my favorites…







And one final video of the man at work, and I ask again, how is it possible to draw a motorbike in that much detail from memory… Genius

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