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The Snow Art of Simon Beck…

January 18, 2013 5 comments

Simon-Beck-Snow-art9In recognition of the fact that as I look out of the window it’s snowing here in London, I’ll post some rather amazing works of snow art.

Simon Beck is a man who seems to spend very large parts of the winter walking around the French Alps in his snow shoes creating these huge, intricate and ephemeral works of art, drawn no doubt by the crisp open air and the temptation of being first onto the fresh snow. Being a snowboarder myself, I understand about fresh tracks and how much of a thrill it is when there is nothing in front of you but perfect, untouched snow…

I particularly like the way that the colours that dominate these images, the blues, whites, greys and oranges are all in fact, just white snow, snow whose appearance and colour has been modified simply by the play of the sunlight on the newly modeled surfaces of the snowfield. Very clever.

No idea how he sets them all out. Probably took a few notes from the crop circle makers here in the UK, but to keep the geometries that accurate over such large and undulating areas is very impressive indeed…

A final thought, Mr. Beck must get up at really stupid hours to allow him to get miles away from other people, otherwise how do you stop them walking or skiing over something that is obviously so large, and I can see hardly any tracks in any of these photos…










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