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Tim Doyle Graphic Prints

January 20, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

breaking_bad_inspired_screen_print_the_cook_by_tim_doyle_Walking around the covered Greenwich Market area avoiding the snow over the weekend, we happened across The Flood Gallery print shop and in particular the very fine work of Tim Doyle, an American graphic artist working out of Austin, Texas.

There is an impressive range of work available in the gallery, and all at very reasonable prices, £40 to £50 for unframed, signed & numbered limited run editions can’t be bad.

As with most of the graphic art that really appeals to me, Tim Doyle has a distinctive, confident style with a taste for referencing film, TV, music and popular culture, that gives his work an immediacy and vibrancy that really sets it apart.

In the prints they had for sale in the shop yesterday (included below), Doyle has chosen familiar and iconic scenes from Blade Runner, Breaking Bad and various Tarantino and Wes Anderson films to create a series of wonderful images that manage to distill the essence of a scene (or in some cases the film itself) into a single image.

I’m still not sure why I didn’t buy the White Dragon/ Blade Runner one there and then really… something I think I might have to go and rectify shortly…







Tears In The Rain by Tim Doyle



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