Spot the Diggers Fans…

BEDLDN_RELEASE_1cleanAt the beginning of October last year, me & A went on one of our several annual trips to see John Digweed play repetitive dance  music very loud for long periods of time…

Undoubtedly (in our book anyway) the finest DJ in the world, Diggers has an enviable ability to choose and sequence wonderfully uplifting deep electro house music that in the 20 years or so that I’ve been going to see him play and the 13 years we’ve been going together, I can’t ever remember coming away disappointed… although often these days, we can’t really remember coming away at all…

I digress. And got the Live in London CD for Christmas, and unusually for me I didn’t really take any time to look at the art work, a symptom I suspect of Spotify and downloading, as the music and the artwork become more and more divorced, something that I find rather sad and that I’ve commented on before…

Anyway, we had the CD on quite a lot over the weekend, and finally getting around to picking up the  booklet, I was most surprised to see a largish figure in the centerfold photo, that can only be me… And is a bit more difficult to make out, but is just about visible if you know where to look…

Our first Digweed excursion of the year is coming up shortly (the annual Bedrock Easter bash) with support from two other favorites of ours Jimpster and Tom Middleton, and we fully expect yet another great night out…

digweed 001

Bedrock+Easter 2013_frame

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