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Chris Haughton… Good at drawing.

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment

oh no georgeI’ve been seeing these wonderful book covers around in shops for a while now and I’ve finally got around to finding out a bit more about whose been making them…

Not being a parent, I have to go and find these things for myself you see, so forgive me if I’m rather behind with discovering George and the little lost owl…..

Chris Haughton is an Irishman by birth but has lived in many countries since. His most famous book, A Bit Lost about a baby owl that falls out of its nest and has all sorts of adventures trying to find its way home to its mum, was written whilst he lived in Seoul and was first published there in 2011.

As well as A Bit Lost, Chris has written a number of other books including Oh No, George, which from the cover alone looks very intriguing, so I shall have to go and have a read next time I’m in Foyles or Waterstones… (sadly two of the few remaining bookshops left on the high street, but PLEASE don’t start me on that one, we’ll be here all day…)

Chris has obviously got the knack for this drawing lark, and there are lots of other rather fine illustrations and paintings on his website here...











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