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The Art of Seeing (a Friend’s work…)

P1200331_aA friend of ours has been doing an art foundation course at the City Lit over the last year or so, and we all popped along to her end of year show at the weekend.

I’ve been to many of these kinds of events over the years, mostly architecture shows admittedly, but there’s been a fair spattering (and I use the word advisedly) of fine art ones.

They are on the whole, an odd thing. There’s usually such a huge and disparate range of work, style and ability crammed into every available space, that it’s hard to take it all in. Some of the offerings can be dismissed with a single look, with others being far more deserving of your time..

I thought my friends work looked good. It was thoughtful and considered, with all the elements working together well. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to talk to her much about it on the night, so I didn’t really get her explanation of the work she had put on show.

To me though it seemed to be about eyes, vision and the act of seeing. I liked the way she had created it from such a wide range of materials, echoing possibly, the huge variety of visual inputs we receive constantly and have to make unending decisions on as a consequence.

I was also impressed with how she had put the pieces together. Craft to me is such an important and intrinsic part of any art offering, that it’s usually the first thing I look at in detail after the initial impression has sunk in…

So good luck to Michelle, and I look forward to next years show to see where she can develop these strong these ideas to.

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